Each time I drive past it

It just looks like it is asleep

Our old house

Nestled between two giants

looks sad, hollow, abandoned

I said to him — more than a few times

Either we move or we get a helium machine


It is true…

Broke the jar…



Sometimes I wondered if they still loved each other

Because I had a skewed sense of what love is

What love means

Because we have been told of fireworks

And passion

And adventure

But love is far deeper than these things

Love is knowing that even when the brain tires



Photo by Mariah Krafft on Unsplash

There is something that happens at the end of August

The fruit once vibrant in colour, scent, taste

Rescinds into itself and contracts with lack of nourishment — less sun, less warmth

The leaves begin to turn

Many leave the city trying to hold onto the last moments of…



Dr Debbie Donsky

REFLECTIVE STANCE writer, thinker, drawer, painter, designer, mommy, teacher, leader, learner of all things debbiedonsky.com