I don’t think so either Kristy and a few people have said this to me. I think it is an interesting thing to think about though. Some people have said that they ask how old someone is because they want to know that the person who is ill or dying is older than them or their parents. It is an impulse and irrational belief that if the age is far enough away then they or their loved one isn’t at risk of illness or death. Others have said that it is a way to connect. Your point is well taken. I guess I have just noticed this default question and wonder if there is another default we can have like, “How are you?” or “How is he doing?” or “Tell me about…”.

Last week a friend of mine passed away and everyone who knew and loved her was and still is shocked. She was vibrant, young and seemed to be healthy. Of course the conversation always veered to… “How old was she?” because we all knew that she had most definitely not lived long enough at 44 years of age. After that question the conversation turned to how we loved her, admired her and were completely devastated by this loss.

I really appreciate your thoughts. Thanks for sharing and making me thing further.

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