So true Theresa. I have also had amazing teachers and some incredibly harsh ones. I know Max still appreciates his teachers who are kind but he hasn’t been inspired in a long time. He had an incredible teacher in grade 5 and in grade 2 and a principal who looked out for him in grade 3 which was his toughest year. I know he will get through it but I still question the hurt that has been caused along the way to him and countless others.

Rashmee Karnad-Jani also brought up such an important point about the kids who are treated so badly that their parents can’t advocate for them because of power imbalances that have happened between them and the school — perhaps they are newcomers to Canada, communication barriers between home and school or negative experiences with authority in the past.

There are so many reasons. I know Max has me and his dad and sister to support him and guide him and to navigate the system with him and for him but so many others do not have those advantages.

As far as reaching out to the school, I have tried. It goes no where at this school. You would not believe some of the “lessons” he has had to endure.

Thank y0u for sharing your story and insights. I love hearing them.

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